Norman Hathaway

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1/8/20241 min read

Sales Representative

Norman Hathaway

Coming from a strong arts and business background, Norman has enjoyed a successful career as a respected professional violinist having performed as a soloist, chamber and orchestral musician. Even while touring internationally, Norman has always called Toronto home. Having grown up in Rosedale, his transition into real estate felt very organic and in keeping with his passion for architecture and renovations.

Norman’s approach to real estate is couched in listening, understanding, and charting a course for success. It requires hard work, determination, a high degree of skill, and a relentless ability to search and seek out solutions with creativity and intuition.

Over almost two decades as a real estate professional, Norman found that senior populations were not adequately represented or served by professionals, and that a new approach to serving that demographic had to be adopted. Whether downsizing, transitioning, or assisting in estate planning, tax/legal issues, family matters, or de-cluttering. Norman knows how to handle complex issues with care and how to get clients what they need and deserve. That’s why he takes time to thoroughly inform clients about every aspect of the process – be it educating them on every element of the documents they are signing to how the entire process works in Toronto. His patience, honesty, care, compassion and integrity, coupled with a strong determination to reach the best possible result, define his approach.