Stress free right-sizing.

Has the thought of downsizing left you feeling defeated? Are you overwhelmed by all the work you have to do to prepare your house to sell? If you’re at the stage where you need extra help with your daily activities, do you worry that you could lose your independence? If you want or need to transition from your home in the Greater Toronto Area we can help no matter what stage you’re at.

As realtors, we understand the challenges that people encounter when moving. We know firsthand just how much greater those challenges are when you leave a home you’ve lived in most of your life. Between our personal experiences helping our own parents to downsize, and our training to receive our Accredited Senior Agents Plus designation, we can help you find the solutions that are right for you. We’ll help you navigate through a lifetime of memories, sorting the cherished from the ordinary so that you hold on to the things that matter most. Chances are the practice of selling real estate is quite different than you remember. We take our time explaining the entire process until every detail is clear to you.

Why Hire an Accredited Senior Agent?

When people look for a real estate agent they often look for someone who is known in their neighbourhood without checking their credentials to see if these agents are the right fit for the situation. They assume that selling a house is just selling a house. They don’t get that there is so much more to consider when helping a senior to transition. We start by getting to know you and make a point of finding out what is important to you.

We also rely on our network of extraordinary specialists, which include senior living consultants, lawyers specializing in estate and tax law, financial advisors, as well as companies that specialize in decluttering, packing, moving, and staging your home. We understand that every person and every situation is different and along with our team we are here to help you navigate these challenging times.

Hiring us will ensure you a successful sale. We have years of experience in the Toronto real estate market. By paying close attention to the constantly changing market trends and staying in tune to the needs of our clients, we’ve won industry awards and continually receive referrals from our many happy clients.

Begin with a consultation.

As Boomers and Seniors ourselves, we understand people 50 and older, and our training puts us in a unique position. Our ASA designation is held by approximately 1% of all REALTORS® across Canada. Here is what we do to help:

Making Decisions Simpler

Providing Tremendous Value

Working as Consultants

An ASA will help remove all the stress and rush associated with some of life’s biggest decisions. We help seniors and their families navigate through age-induced crises, in a wide variety of situations to solve complex problems before they ever reveal themselves.

Our role in your decision-making process is to act as consultants, and not salespeople, and to help you achieve the best result for you – not for us. We solve delicate issues and work through complexities as your ally, advisor, and friend.

We are trained in understanding the unique needs of our elderly clients, working with their families (and inter-generational relationships), while adjusting our pace to match theirs and providing wisdom along the way.

We maintain relationships with professionals who benefit our senior clients. This includes quality suppliers such as movers, transition and elder care specialists, financial advisors, legal professionals, accountants, certified appraisers, and more.

Key Relationships

Who we've helped.

"Norman and Anita were fantastic to work with. They took the time to get to know our specific needs as we searched for the perfect condo for our situation. We never felt rushed or pressured.

They really had our back when it came to representing our financial interests, and their attention to details that demonstrated that commitment was very comforting in an environment of often pressured and emotional transactions.

We will definitely call on them again."

"They took the time to get to know our specific needs as we searched for the perfect condo for our situation. We never felt rushed or pressured."

- Dr. Nan Okun & Dr. Vlad Dzavik

Our support network.

We work with a variety of professionals to help make your journey to buy or sell easier. These include:

Relocation and Transition Specialists – Professionals who expertly coach an ageing seller through transitioning out of their family home.

Property Appraisers – Experts at assessing the value of your personal property, including art and antiques, vehicles, equipment, etc.

Estate Specialists – Those equipped to optimize the value and divesting of all the things you no longer need or want.

Financial & Legal Experts – Senior-specialized experts in investing, accounting, and legal considerations.

Healthcare Professionals – We network with specialized health care providers that meet your needs.

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